Can Grammarly Detect ChatGPT?

Can Grammarly Detect ChatGPT?

Grammarly is a writing AI assistant that uses different neural language processing approaches.

It is primarily designed to enhance and help users’ writing and detect tone and plagiarism. So, until now, we can only detect plagiarism in AI-generated content.

But can Grammarly detect the contents generated by AI Chatbots like ChatGPT? In this article, we will learn about the detection tools of Grammarly and if Grammarly can detect ChatGPT.

Grammarly offers a range of detection tools to help users enhance their writing skills. Grammarly has many features that enhance your writing skills. While the specific details about the detection tools are unavailable, we can have some insights about their features.

1. Grammar Checker

You can enhance your writing and check your grammar for mistakes using Grammarly. It goes beyond simple grammar checks by providing real-time feedback and suggestions to help you minimize errors.

Furthermore, you can use a grammar checker simply by pasting your text into Grammarly.

2. Citation Generator

Grammarly has a citation generator to generate APA(American Psychological Association), MLA(Modern Language Association) and Chicago-style citations. Furthermore, you can automatically generate citations using your web browser from online sources.

3. Paraphrasing Tool

You can easily rephrase your sentences for emails, blogs and articles using the online paraphrasing tool of Grammarly. It can create high-quality paraphrases of your writing or other writers’ writing in a new way.

4. Plagiarism Checker Tool

Plagiarism checker is an excellent tool of Grammarly, where you can check for plagiarism in the contents. The AI technology of Grammarly scans millions of websites on the internet and in its database to check for plagiarism. Hence, making it a reliable tool for checking plagiarism.

5. Tone Detector

Grammarly can detect your writing tone and change it as you like. Your writing tone matters when communicating at work to ensure your message is well-received.

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Can Grammarly Detect ChatGPT?

Grammarly’s technology uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze texts, detect errors, and suggest improvements. Furthermore, cutting-edge language research provides smart writing suggestions.

Since Grammarly is primarily built to assist with grammar and writing, it is not natively designed to detect ChatGPT and other AI tools.

Plagiarism checking of ChatGPT
You can check for plagiarism using Grammarly.

In addition, when I place the contents from ChatGPT in Grammarly, it shows suggestions for clarity, engagement and conciseness. But it doesn’t show any plagiarism on the contents of ChatGPT. Therefore, it won’t be helpful if you try to detect ChatGPT using the plagiarism checker in Grammarly.

Moreover, there are no present tools for detecting content from AI like ChatGPT till now.

grammarly go
Grammarly GO is about to launch with new features and tools.

However, we can expect an AI detection tool with the launch of Grammarly GO. ChatGPT uses Large Language Model, GPT architecture and neural models to generate content.

We know that ChatGPT is designed to provide human-like responses; therefore, it is challenging to distinguish the ChatGPT contents. However, you can try some detection tools like, GPTzero and Turnitin.

Furthermore, these AI-detecting tools identify patterns of the AI tools and determine whether humans or any AI tools generate them.

Here is an example of GPTzero in action.

GPTzero detecting AI contents
You can detect ChatGPT and other AI tools using GPTZero.

In addition, ChatGPT and other AI tools consider three factors while creating new content: predictability, probability and pattern. These AI detection tools can decipher these factors and predict the probability of whether it is AI-generated or not.

However, it would be best not to rely solely on these detection tools.

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The Bottom Line

Grammarly is not primarily designed to detect any AI tools like ChatGPT. However, we can detect ChatGPT using different AI detectors tools like, GPTzero and Turnitin. And hopefully, we’ll find some AI detection tools in Grammarly GO in the future.

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