How To Bypass Turnitin AI Detection? Simple Tricks

How To Bypass Turnitin AI Detection? Simple Tricks

You have probably heard of Turnitin, the software that can detect plagiarism and academic AI-generated content. But did you know that you can bypass Turnitin AI detection and fool the detector?

You can bypass Turnitin AI detection by using Undetectable.AI, paraphrasing and summarizing, choosing unique topics etc. However, it is a serious academic offense that might severely affect your academic integrity and reputation.

This article will explain some genuine tricks and tips for effectively bypassing Turnitin AI detection and its consequences.

What Is Turnitin AI Detection?

Using AI tools for coursework is considered unethical as it violates the terms of services of academic organizations. Many students want to bypass Turnitin AI detection as they fear getting caught for paraphrasing or copying from other resources or AI writing tools.

Turnitin AI Detection is an AI-based software that can detect 98% of AI-generated content and give a similarity score to each submitted assignment.

This tool is designed to help professors or instructors identify content that might be prepared using AI tools such as ChatGPT.

How Does Turnitin Work?

Turnitin software tool uses algorithms, machine learning, and text classifications to analyze and compare the text with an extensive human and AI-written sample database. This mechanism can detect various AI writing tools, such as ChatGPT and optimizes accuracy with a low false positive rate.

It looks for matching phrases, sentences and paragraphs, and even writing styles or tones, which could indicate irregularities. Moreover, it shows an overall percentage of the document that might be generated using AI writing tools.

Also, it highlights the text in blue that is highly likely to be AI-generated. Turnitin can detect AI-generated work. Furthermore, Turnitin’s AI Detection may not always produce accurate results. Therefore, it should be used as a guideline for identifying potential sources of similarity.

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How To Bypass Turnitin AI Detection?

Turnitin AI detection is a software that uses AI and machine learning to identify potential plagiarism or use AI writing tools such as ChatGPT.

It is not easy to trick Turnitin; you might get caught and face disciplinary action from your educational institute.

Here are some tips and techniques to help you avoid a high similarity index in Turnitin.

1. Use Undetectable.AI

Undetectable AI is the most powerful tool that helps you remove AI writing from your text and make it more human-like.

This tool was trained on 8 different AI detectors so that users can get results from multiple detectors simultaneously.

It creates that is virtually unpredictable from human-generated text and even bypasses the most advanced AI detection systems.

Additionally, it helps you paraphrase and summarize your content very effectively.

Undetectable AI is one of the best solutions for anyone who needs to create content that will not trigger an AI algorithm.

Now, let’s proceed with how the Undetectable AI tool works.

  1. First, generate any prompt on the Chatbot (ChatGPT). Here, I asked ChatGPT to generate the answer to the question Write about the solar system.
chatgpt reponding to prompt
ChatGPT responding to the prompt.
  1. Then, copy the content from the ChatGPT and paste it into the Undetectable.AI.
  2. Now check the I agree to the terms of services small check box, and finally, click the Humanize button.
Paste content from chatgpt to ai detector
You can click on Humanize button to make AI-generated work more natural.
  1. Here, you can see the amazing result that will pass the AI detection tools like Turnitin.
AI detector generating results
Undetectable AI helps you to produce original results.

Note: Some patterns, such as Consistency, Coherence, Creativity, Detail, Politeness, etc, can help you differentiate between AI-generated and human-generated text.

2. Paraphrase And Summarize

When you generate any content from AI Chatbot, such as ChatGPT or use information from other sources, don’t always copy and paste it directly.

Instead, you can summarize or paraphrase it in your own words. Be sure you understand the meaning of the source before you reword it.

Alternatively, you can use some online paraphrasing tools such as Grammarly, Scribbr paraphrasing tool or Quilbot AI.

However, some paraphrasing tools may produce content similar to the original source and can be detected by an AI detector tool or plagiarism tool.

Read on to discover the most effective tools for detecting ChatGPT.

3. Understand The Assignment And Keep It Manual

Understanding your professor’s expectations of your project or work is essential. Then, only you can clearly understand what to write and present in your work.

Additionally, you can better know how to bypass the Turnitin AI detection.

One of the effective ways to bypass the Turnitin AI detector is to write manually.

AI-generated content follows a pattern and structure; therefore, AI detection tools such as Turnitin can easily detect it.

Hence, avoid any kind of AI writing tools and try writing in your own word manually.

4. Choose An Uncommon Topic And Research It Effectively

The similarity scores are lower when there are few sources to match. It happens when the content is fresh or the research is light.

Hence, you need to choose a topic that interests you and has not been covered by other students or writers.

Once you understand the topic clearly you are searching for, you can collect the relevant information and materials.

Disclaimer: Bypassing Turnitin AI detection is considered illegal and unethical. Therefore, students should avoid using AI tools to bypass Turnitin AI detection to complete their assignments.

The Bottom Line

Bypassing the Turnitin AI detector is essential for students to complete or submit assignments. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips and techniques work for you in bypassing the Turnitin AI Detection.

I would like to suggest you improve your writing skills and follow the guidelines and rules of your institutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Percentage Mean In Turnitin AI Detection?

Turnitin AI detection indicates the percentage of text within the submission that came from AI. However, the percentage is not the rate of the entire submission.

This AI detector tool can identify 97% of ChatGPT and GPT3 authored writing with a lower false positive rate.

Does Turnitin Detect Paraphrasing?

Turnitin is unable to detect paraphrasing if you rewrite the content again.

However, it can detect paraphrasing if the structure remains exact and only synonyms are used.

Can Students Use Turnitin?

Students cannot use Turnitin for free without an instructor account.

However, they can use Turnitin’s draft coach feature to get instantaneous feedback on their writing in Google Docs.

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