Can Turnitin Detect Snapchat AI?

Can Turnitin Detect Snapchat AI?

Turnitin employs an advanced AI that can detect almost any AI-generated content. But, does it also see Snapchat AI-generated content?

Although debatable, Turnitin may detect the content generated by Snapchat’s My AI because the latter is based on OpenAI’s GPT model, the same technology used by Turnitin AI to detect plagiarized content.

Read on to learn about Snapchat AI and how much of its generated content Turnitin can detect.

What Is Snapchat AI?

There is a burning question about what Snapchat’s latest AI service, My AI, does. My AI is a chatbot service currently available to Snapchatters.

Unveiled by Snap in 2023, it is among many of the AI employed by Snapchat for its users.

It can generate a wide range of helpful content, including:

  • Generating personalized content recommendations
  • Presenting tailored news articles
  • Writing haiku in seconds
  • Answering trivia questions
  • Planning trips and dinner
  • Offering advice on birthday and Valentine’s gifts.

You can add it to conversations with friends by mentioning @MyAI, upon which the chatbot is activated. Additionally, you can give it a custom name and design a Bitmoji avatar to personalize it. Snapchat’s My AI is based on OpenAI’s GPT technology and likely uses GPT 3.5 language model.

However, it may include biased, incorrect, harmful, or misleading content as the AI evolves. The more you interact with it, the better it gets. Hence, they recommend independently checking responses generated by My AI before relying on any advice.

Can Turnitin Detect Snapchat AI?

Turnitin is a cloud-based plagiarism detection service widely used by schools, universities, and instructors to assess student’s written work for plagiarism.

It detects potential plagiarism by comparing submitted work against the database of academic content, internet sources, and previously submitted papers.

Backed by a sophisticated algorithm, it can identify exact matches and paraphrased content and generate a ‘similarity report’ to indicate the percentage of the copied content.

Did you know the Plagiarism Spectrum 2.0 by Turnitin can detect up to 12 types of unoriginal work, including AI-generated content?

However, it was only recently that Turnitin started employing advanced algorithms to detect AI-generated content.

In fact, it adopted OpenAI’s GPT technology, mainly GPT-3 and GPT-3.5, to detect instances of student copying from ChatGPT.

Turnitin models the words, syntax, and styling that AI usually adopts for generating content. Then, it compares the student’s submitted work against the AI’s to determine the resemblance.

Therefore, we can say that Turnitin can successfully detect AI-generated content with an accuracy rate of up to 98% if it is directly copied from ChatGPT.

With Snapchat using the GPT-3.5 language model to generate custom responses, Turnitin will likely detect Snapchat AI-generated content.

Is Turnitin Detection Accurate?

Yes, Turnitin is a reliable AI detector tool that is sharp in catching AI-plagiarized content. Thanks to its advanced algorithm and implementation of GPT language models like GPT-3 and GPT-3.5, it can detect GPT-generated content.

Therefore, Turnitin strives to provide accurate results in detecting similarities and potential plagiarism in any Snapchat AI-created content.

Here are a few things to know about Turnitin’s accuracy.

  • Similarity Detection: Turnitin uses advanced algorithms and models to locate AI-generated work. It even implements GPT-specific models like text-DaVinci-002 and chat-DaVinci-002, to help detect any possible plagiarism, especially in code generation.
  • Accuracy Limitations: The accuracy of the results would depend on the quality and comprehensiveness of the sources, the tool’s settings, and the database; therefore, the level of accuracy may vary.
  • Interpretation By Instructors: Turnitin provides a similarity score and an ‘originality Report’ highlighting potential matches, but it is up to you to determine whether the content is Snapchat AI-generated or only resembles AI’s work.
Turnitin AI Writing Detection
Turnitin can detect AI content.
  • Manual Review: Not all matches indicate plagiarism; some may be appropriately cited or referenced material obtained from Snapchat. You should check with the content creator to verify the sources.
  • Limitations Of Text-Matching: The tool primarily relies on text-matching algorithms, meaning it may not detect certain types of plagiarism, such as paraphrasing or translations.

Although Turnitin’s accuracy is sometimes questioned, it may be pretty effective in detecting Snapchat’s AI-generated content.

Watch the video to learn more about Turnitin AI detection tool;

Final Thoughts

If you wish to continue using Snapchat’s My AI services to generate content, you may need to be brighter than Turnitin. One way to pass Turnitin’s detection is to paraphrase the AI-generated content or use a tool like to rewrite the entire content.

However, Turnitin’s application may be limited to schools and universities as it is a paid tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need To Subscribe To Snapchat+ To Access My AI?

My AI was only available to Snapchat Plus subscribers willing to pay $3.99/month.
However, the Company made My AI available to every Snapchatter.
Anyone who has access to Snapchat can use My AI.

Does Snapchat AI Allow Generating NSFW Content?

Snapchat’s My AI responses conform to its community guidelines, where the app prohibits creating inappropriate or harmful content.
OpenAI is strict about misusing GPT to create harmful, NSFW, or offensive content.

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