How To Bypass Paywalls Using Extensions?

How To Bypass Paywalls Using Extensions?

If you are into insightful or research articles, you will probably encounter Paywalls needing subscription access. However, we do not need a wrecking ball to break these Paywalls; some Extensions are enough to bypass them.

You can bypass Paywall using Extensions like Bardeen, UnPaywall, ReaderMode and uBlock etc. Furthermore, you can also disable javascript, use incognito mode and use ChatGPT to summarize the articles, which can be alternatives to Extensions.

Continue reading to learn more about how Paywalls work and details about the Extensions which can bypass Paywalls.

What Are Paywalls?

Paywalls are the restriction arranged by websites or publications to their articles. We can access these Paywall-restricted articles by paying subscriptions on the site.

Furthermore, you can find Soft and Hard Paywalls on the internet. Let’s learn more about them below;

1. Soft Paywalls

Soft Paywalls provide several free articles before paying for the subscription. Many renowned sites like Forbes, The New York Times and WIRED use Soft Paywalls.

Moreover, the design of this model of Paywall gives high traffic from light users while receiving circulating revenue from the site’s heavy users.

2. Hard Paywalls

Hard Paywalls does not provide free content without a subscription to the site. Sites like The Times and Financial Times use Hard Paywalls. Additionally, Hard Paywalls are hard to bypass and are one of the controversial and risky strategies.

Did you know, The Times publication decreased its traffic by 60% by implying Hard Paywalls? 

However, the revenue of The Times publication was potentially increased with hard Paywalls.

How To Bypass Paywall On Chrome?

If you use Google Chrome to surf websites and read articles, we can use the Chrome Extension to bypass Paywalls.

Furthermore, GitHub Developers developed a Chrome Extension, which you can install by following the steps below.

  1. Open your Chrome and Click on three dots (⋮).
  2. Then go to More Tools and select Extensions.
  3. Go to Chrome and add Extension to bypass the Paywall.
  4. Now, enable the Developer mode in the right corner.
  5. After that, download the Zip version of the Chrome Extension.
Bypass Paywall Extension in Chrome using Github Code
Download the GitHub Zip file to add the Extension.
  1. Extract the Zip file to a secure location, then go to Extension and click Load Unpacked.
Bypass Paywall Extension in Chrome using Github Code
Download the Zip file to add the Extension.
  1. The Chrome Extension will be added, and you can see sites it can bypass.
Bypass Paywall Extension in Chrome using Github Code
You can use various Chrome Extensions to bypass the Paywalls.

Moreover, as mentioned in the Extension, you can only bypass Paywalls of limited websites.

Therefore, if you cannot bypass all the Paywalls using this Extension, below are a few other Extensions that can solve the issue.

Read on to learn more about the Chrome Extensions for ChatGPT.

What Are The Best Extensions To Bypass Paywalls?

An Extension is a helpful software module that extends our browser’s features and functions.

You can use Extensions to bypass Paywalls of almost every site and publication.

The following are some best Extensions to bypass Paywalls.

1. Bardeen

Bardeen is a platform for proactive workflow automation created by Artem Harutyunyan and Pascal Weinberger in 2020.

Along with helping users in workflows and automating monotonous tasks, Bardeen can bypass paywall by using it as an Extension.

Follow the steps below to add Bardeen to your browser as an Extension easily.

  1. First, search for in your browser.
Bardeen AI to bypass paywall as an extension
You can use Bardeen AI to bypass the Paywall as an Extension.
  1. Click “Get Extension” and select “Add to Chrome.”
Bardeen as an extension
Add the Bardeen Chrome Extension to bypass Paywalls.

A file will be downloaded, and Bardeen will be automatically added to your Chrome.

Here is an example of how Bardeen can remove Paywalls by adding to the Extension.

2. ReaderMode

ReaderMode is a Chrome reading Extension and web app that is best for soft Paywalls.

It can also remove ads, distractions and clutter, which includes dyslexia support, read-it-later, text-to-speech and many other tools.

bypass paywall extension
You can use ReaderMode to bypass the Paywall as an Extension.

You can easily add ReaderMode in your Chrome and access articles without a subscription.

Furthermore, when I tried to access one of the articles in The Boston Globe, a Paywall of $1 for six months popped up.

Paywall of The Boston Globe
You will encounter a Paywall when accessing articles in The Boston Globe.

Therefore, you can add ReaderMode to your Chrome by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button and using the Extension in the above article.

Here is how to remove the Paywall by using the ReaderMode Extension.

Extension of ReaderMode
You can remove the Paywall using the ReaderMode Extension.

Now, enjoy reading the articles without any distractions and paying for subscriptions to the sites.

3. UnPaywall

UnPaywall is another great Chrome Extension to bypass Paywalls.

It is known best for accessing scholarly & research articles and has open access to more than 50,000 publishers and repositories.

You can easily add the UnPaywall Extension to your Chrome by clicking the “GET THE EXTENSION” button.

Unpaywall extension to bypass paywalls
UnPaywall Chrome Extension is best for bypassing scholarly articles.

Furthermore, a file will be downloaded after adding it to Chrome, and you can use the Extension on many articles.

An unlock button will pop up on the free articles the UnPaywall Extension provides.

Unpaywall extension to bypass paywalls
UnPaywall helps to bypass Paywalls easily.

Once you click the unlock button, as shown in the image above, a PDF file of the article will be downloaded with all the contents.

4. uBlock Origin

An uBlock Origin is a free, open-source content blocker first released in June 2014.

Its Extension is available in many web browsers like Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Safari and Firefox.

You can add uBlock Origin in your browser by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button.

uBlock Origin extension to bypass paywalls
uBlock Origin Extension to bypass Paywalls.

Once you add it to Chrome, it provides several features like blocking popups, significant media elements and remote fonts.

Additionally, it can also disable javascript and cosmetic filtering on the sites.

Here’s an example of the uBlock Origin Extension in action.

uBlock Origin on Facebook
Using the UBlock Origin Extension in the Facebook application.

The uBlock Origin displays the filter lists, malicious block lists, host-based lists and many more.

How To Bypass Paywalls Manually?

If none of the Extensions favor bypassing the Paywalls of articles you want access to, then you can try the following manual methods.

1. Disable Javascript

Sometimes you can bypass Paywalls simply by disabling javascript in the sites. Most Paywall-integrated websites and publications use javascript; disabling those scripts can bypass the Paywalls.

You can disable javascript by following the steps below.

  1. Click the three dots (⋮) and open settings.
  2. Now click on Privacy and Security and open Site Settings.
Bypass paywalls by disabling javascript
Go to privacy and security to bypass the Paywall on Chrome manually.
  1. Scroll down and click on Javascript, then click add on “Not allowed to use Javascript.”
Bypass paywalls by disabling javascript

Therefore, javascript will be disabled in the sites which you add on the “Not allowed to use Javascript” section.

2. Summarize Articles Using ChatGPT

You can use the power of AI to bypass the Paywalls of publications and websites.

ChatGPT is one of the most immerging and powerful AI you can ask to summarize the articles you want to read.

You can provide the prompt described below to ChatGPT and quickly get the summary of the article.

Bypassing paywalls using ChatGPT
ChatGPT will summarize the articles only by providing its link.

Therefore, ChatGPT will provide the summary and other important information related to the article.

Bypass paywalls using ChatGPT

Read on to learn more about the best uses of ChatGPT and ways to bypass the ChatGPT Character Limit.

3. Use Incognito Mode

Using incognito mode is another manual way to bypass Paywalls on the sites. However, this will only work on subscription-based articles having soft Paywalls.

Furthermore, using incognito mode while accessing the sites will present you as a new user and bypass the articles for free.

You can enable incognito mode by clicking the three dots (⋮) and opening “New Incognito Window.”

Bypass paywalls extension
You can bypass Paywalls by enabling incognito mode.

Hence, you can open the articles you cannot access after enabling incognito mode and bypass the Paywalls.

Continue reading to learn how to disable incognito mode on Chrome.

The Bottom Line

Paywalls can be distracting and divert your work and research flow.

You can bypass those subscription-based Paywalls using a few Extensions on your browser.

However, you should also know the potential risks of using Extensions such as malware and phishing attacks.

Read on to learn more about alternatives to Chinchilla AI and ways to fix ChatGPT at capacity error.

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