How to Stop Being Kicked out of Wuthering Waves?


How to Stop Being Kicked out of Wuthering Waves?

How to Stop Being Kicked out of Wuthering Waves? Wuthering Waves, the popular action role-playing game developed by Kuro Games, has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide with its immersive gameplay, stunning visuals, and intricate storyline.

However, as with any online multiplayer game, there is a risk of being kicked out due to various reasons. Whether it’s due to connection issues, gameplay violations, or simply misunderstandings, getting kicked out can be frustrating and disrupt the enjoyment of the game.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the common reasons players get kicked out of Wuthering Waves and provide practical solutions to help you stay in the game and continue your epic adventures.

Understanding the Reasons for Being Kicked Out

  • Connection Issues
  • Poor Internet Connection
  • Network Latency
  • Server Maintenance and Downtime
  • Gameplay Violations
  • Exploitation of Bugs or Glitches
  • Use of Unauthorized Third-Party Software
  • Toxic Behavior and Harassment
  • Account-Related Issues
  • Account Sharing or Unauthorized Access
  • Suspicious Activity Flagging
  • Violation of Terms of Service

Addressing Connection Issues

Stable and reliable internet connectivity is crucial for a seamless gaming experience in Wuthering Waves. Poor internet connection or network latency can lead to frequent disconnections, causing you to be kicked out of the game.

  • Optimize Your Internet Connection
  • Restart your router and modem
  • Ensure you have a high-speed internet plan
  • Minimize bandwidth-intensive activities during gameplay
  • Troubleshoot Network Issues
  • Run a speed test to check your internet speed
  • Update your network drivers and firmware
  • Temporarily disable firewalls and antivirus software
  • Understand Server Maintenance and Downtime
  • Check the official Wuthering Waves social media channels for updates
  • Plan your gameplay around scheduled maintenance windows

Avoiding Gameplay Violations

Kuro Games takes gameplay violations seriously to maintain a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. Engaging in exploits, using unauthorized third-party software, or exhibiting toxic behavior can lead to swift disciplinary action, including being kicked out of the game.

  • Play by the Rules
  • Familiarize yourself with the game’s rules and terms of service
  • Avoid using cheats, hacks, or exploits
  • Report any bugs or glitches through proper channels
  • Promote Positive Community Interactions
  • Treat fellow players with respect and courtesy
  • Refrain from harassment, hate speech, or offensive language
  • Encourage teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Use Only Approved Third-Party Software
  • Obtain permission from Kuro Games before using any third-party software
  • Avoid using unauthorized mods or add-ons

Resolving Account-Related Issues

Your Wuthering Waves account is your gateway to the game, and any issues with it can lead to being kicked out. Account sharing, unauthorized access, or suspicious activity can raise red flags and result in temporary or permanent account suspension.

  • Secure Your Account
  • Use a strong and unique password
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Never share your account details with others
  • Understand Account Policies
  • Read and understand the game’s terms of service
  • Familiarize yourself with Kuro Games’ account policies
  • Report Suspicious Activity
  • Immediately contact Kuro Games’ customer support if you suspect unauthorized access
  • Provide all relevant information to assist with the investigation

Appealing and Resolving Kicking Incidents

In some cases, players may feel they have been unjustly kicked out of Wuthering Waves. It’s important to understand the proper channels for appealing and resolving such incidents.

  • Gather Evidence
  • Take screenshots or record gameplay footage
  • Document any error messages or relevant information
  • Contact Customer Support
  • Visit the official Wuthering Waves customer support website
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the issue, including evidence
  • Follow Up and Escalate if Necessary
  • Respond promptly to any follow-up requests from customer support
  • Escalate the issue to higher support tiers if unresolved

Preventing Future Kicking Incidents

While getting kicked out of Wuthering Waves can be frustrating, taking proactive measures can help prevent future incidents and ensure a smooth gaming experience.

  • Keep Software and Game Client Updated
  • Install the latest game updates and patches
  • Update your operating system and graphics drivers
  • Optimize Your System for Gaming
  • Close unnecessary background applications
  • Allocate sufficient system resources to Wuthering Waves
  • Join the Community and Stay Informed
  • Follow official Wuthering Waves social media channels
  • Participate in forums and discussion boards
  • Stay up-to-date with game news and updates

Building a Positive Gaming Experience

While avoiding getting kicked out of Wuthering Waves is important, it’s equally crucial to cultivate a positive and enjoyable gaming experience for yourself and others.

  • Embrace the Spirit of Sportsmanship
  • Respect the achievements and skills of fellow players
  • Offer constructive feedback and encouragement
  • Engage in Meaningful Interactions
  • Join guilds or communities to build lasting connections
  • Participate in events and group activities
  • Take Breaks and Practice Self-Care
  • Maintain a healthy balance between gaming and other aspects of life
  • Prioritize your physical and mental well-being


Getting kicked out of Wuthering Waves can be a frustrating experience, but by understanding the reasons behind it and taking proactive measures, you can minimize the chances of it happening. Remember, a stable internet connection, adherence to game rules, secure account management, and a positive attitude go a long way in ensuring an enjoyable and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Kuro Games is committed to creating a fair and enjoyable environment for all players, and by working together with the community, we can build a thriving and supportive gaming ecosystem. Stay informed, follow the guidelines, and embrace the spirit of camaraderie – your epic adventures in Wuthering Waves await!


Q2: I received a message saying I was kicked out for using unauthorized third-party software. What should I do?

A2: Using unauthorized third-party software, such as cheats or mods, is strictly prohibited in Wuthering Waves. If you were erroneously flagged for this, you should immediately contact Kuro Games’ customer support and provide evidence to dispute the claim. However, if you did intentionally use unauthorized software, it’s best to admit the mistake and pledge to follow the rules moving forward.

Q3: My account was suspended for suspicious activity, but I didn’t do anything wrong. How can I get it reinstated?

A3: If your account has been suspended due to suspected suspicious activity, you should contact Kuro Games’ customer support as soon as possible. Provide them with all relevant information, such as your account details, recent login activities, and any other details that could help them investigate the issue. Be patient and cooperative during the investigation process.

Q4: I was kicked out of a multiplayer session for allegedly harassing another player, but it was just a misunderstanding. What can I do?

A4: Allegations of harassment or toxic behavior are taken seriously by Kuro Games. If you believe you were wrongfully accused, you should gather any evidence you have, such as chat logs or gameplay footage, and submit them to customer support. Explain your side of the story calmly and rationally, and request a review of the incident.

Q6: I accidentally used an exploit in the game, and now I’m worried about getting kicked out. What should I do?

A6: If you unintentionally used an exploit or glitch in the game, the best course of action is to report it to Kuro Games immediately. Provide detailed information about the exploit and how you encountered it. By being transparent and cooperating with the developers, you may avoid disciplinary action.

Q7: I’ve been kicked out multiple times for no apparent reason. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?

A7: If you’re experiencing frequent and unexplained kicking incidents, there may be an underlying issue with your system or network configuration. Try updating your game client, operating system, and graphics drivers to the latest versions. You can also run a diagnostic tool to check for any hardware or software conflicts. If the issue persists, contact customer support for further assistance.

Q8: How can I appeal a decision to kick me out of Wuthering Waves if I disagree with it?

A8: Kuro Games provides an appeal process for players who believe they have been unfairly kicked out or disciplined. To appeal a decision, you should submit a detailed request through the official customer support channels, providing any relevant evidence or documentation to support your case. Be patient and respectful throughout the appeal process, and follow any instructions provided by the support team.

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