How to Change Server in Wuthering Waves Keeping Data?


How to Change Server in Wuthering Waves Keeping Data?

How to Change Server in Wuthering Waves Keeping Data? Wuthering Waves, the gripping action role-playing game developed by Kuro Games, has captivated players worldwide with its immersive storyline, stunning graphics, and intricate gameplay mechanics.

As players delve deeper into the game’s vast and ever-expanding universe, they may encounter situations where changing servers becomes a necessity. Whether it’s due to latency issues, server population imbalances, or the desire to join friends on a different server, the ability to seamlessly transfer data between servers is a crucial aspect of maintaining an enjoyable gaming experience.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore the intricate process of changing servers in Wuthering Waves while preserving your hard-earned progress, achievements, and character data. We’ll guide you through the steps, provide insights into potential limitations, and offer tips to ensure a smooth transition.

Understanding Server Structure in Wuthering Waves

Before diving into the server transfer process, it’s essential to comprehend the underlying server structure in Wuthering Waves. The game operates on a network of servers, each hosting its own unique instance of the game world. These servers are typically organized by region or language, allowing players from different geographical locations to connect and play together seamlessly.

Wuthering Waves employs a client-server architecture, where the game client (installed on your device) communicates with the game server to facilitate gameplay. The server acts as the central hub, maintaining the game world’s state, processing player actions, and ensuring synchronization among all connected players.

Reasons for Changing Servers

There are various reasons why players might consider changing servers in Wuthering Waves. Some of the most common motivations include:

  • Latency and Connectivity Issues: If you’re experiencing high latency or frequent disconnections on your current server, switching to a server closer to your geographical location can potentially improve your gaming experience.
  • Server Population: Some servers may become overcrowded or underpopulated over time, affecting the overall gameplay experience. Changing to a more balanced server can provide a better social environment and more opportunities for interaction.
  • Joining Friends or Guilds: If your friends or guildmates play on a different server, transferring your character can allow you to team up and embark on adventures together.
  • Server Merges or Splits: Occasionally, game developers may merge or split servers to optimize server populations and maintain a balanced gaming environment. In such cases, players may need to change servers to continue their journey.

Preparing for Server Transfer

Before initiating the server transfer process, it’s crucial to take certain preparatory steps to ensure a smooth transition and minimize potential data loss or complications.

  • Back Up Your Character Data: While the server transfer process is designed to preserve your character data, it’s always a good practice to create a backup of your character’s progress, inventory, and achievements. This can serve as a safety net in case any unexpected issues arise during the transfer.
  • Check for Server Transfer Eligibility: Some servers or game modes may have specific requirements or restrictions regarding server transfers. Consult the game’s official support channels or community forums to ensure your account meets the necessary criteria.
  • Review Server Transfer Policies: Familiarize yourself with Kuro Games’ server transfer policies, including any potential limitations, fees (if applicable), or cooldown periods between transfers.
  • Prepare for Temporary Character Unavailability: During the server transfer process, your character may be temporarily unavailable for gameplay. Plan accordingly and ensure you’ve completed any time-sensitive activities or events before initiating the transfer.

The Server Transfer Process in Wuthering Waves

Once you’ve completed the necessary preparations, you can proceed with the server transfer process in Wuthering Waves. The specific steps may vary depending on your platform (PC, console, or mobile), but the general procedure is as follows:

  • Access the Server Transfer Interface: Within the game’s main menu or account settings, locate the option to initiate a server transfer. This interface may be labeled differently, such as “Change Server,” “Server Transfer,” or “Realm Transfer.”
  • Select Source and Destination Servers: Choose the server you currently play on (source server) and the server you wish to transfer to (destination server). Ensure you’ve carefully considered factors like server population, latency, and any potential language barriers.
  • Review Transfer Details: Before confirming the transfer, the game will typically display a summary of your character’s data, including level, gear, achievements, and any potential restrictions or limitations specific to the destination server.
  • Confirm the Transfer: Once you’ve reviewed the transfer details and ensured everything is correct, confirm the transfer process. Depending on the game’s policies, you may need to pay a fee or agree to certain terms and conditions.
  • Wait for the Transfer Process: The server transfer process can take varying amounts of time, ranging from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the game’s infrastructure and the amount of data being transferred.
  • Log In to the New Server: After the transfer is complete, you’ll receive a notification or prompt to log in to the new server. Upon logging in, you should find your character, inventory, and progress intact, ready to continue your adventures in the new game world.

Potential Limitations and Considerations

While the server transfer process in Wuthering Waves is designed to preserve your character data, there may be certain limitations or considerations to keep in mind:

  • Cross-Server Incompatibilities: Certain game features, achievements, or items may not transfer seamlessly between servers due to varying server rules, versions, or game updates.
  • Guild or Alliance Membership: Depending on the game’s policies, your guild or alliance membership may not transfer automatically, and you may need to reapply or rejoin your respective group on the new server.
  • Currency and Marketplace Differences: In-game currencies, auction houses, or marketplaces may operate differently across servers, potentially affecting your item values or trade opportunities.
  • Server-Specific Events or Rewards: Any server-specific events, rewards, or promotional items you’ve acquired may not carry over to the new server, as they’re often tied to the server’s unique timeline or history.
  • Character Name Conflicts: If your desired character name is already in use on the destination server, you may need to choose a different name or add a unique identifier to avoid conflicts.

Tips for a Smooth Server Transfer

To ensure a seamless server transfer experience in Wuthering Waves, consider the following tips:

  • Communicate with Your Guild or Friends: If you’re transferring servers to join friends or a guild, coordinate your efforts to ensure a smooth transition for the entire group.
  • Monitor Official Announcements: Keep an eye on official announcements from Kuro Games regarding server maintenance, updates, or any changes that may affect the transfer process.
  • Participate in Community Discussions: Join the game’s official forums or community channels to stay informed about server transfer experiences, best practices, and any potential issues or workarounds.
  • Be Patient and Prepared: The server transfer process can be time-consuming, so exercise patience and be prepared for potential delays or temporary inconveniences.
  • Contact Support if Needed: If you encounter any issues or discrepancies during or after the server transfer, don’t hesitate to reach out to Kuro Games’ customer support team for assistance.


Changing servers in Wuthering Waves while preserving your character data is a valuable feature that allows players to optimize their gaming experience, join friends, or address connectivity issues. By following the steps outlined in this article and adhering to best practices, you can navigate the server transfer process smoothly and continue your epic journey in the game’s vast and ever-evolving world.

Remember, communication, preparation, and patience are key to ensuring a successful server transfer. Stay vigilant for updates from Kuro Games, and don’t hesitate to seek support from the game’s active community if you encounter any challenges along the way.

Wuthering Waves offers a rich and immersive gaming experience, and the ability to change servers seamlessly only enhances the overall enjoyment for dedicated players. Embrace the adventure, forge new connections, and embark on countless quests, battles, and challenges as you explore the game’s diverse realms, one server at a time.


Is there a limit on how many times I can transfer servers?

Kuro Games may impose a limit on the number of server transfers allowed within a certain period to prevent abuse. Check the game’s official policies or contact customer support for specific details.

Will I lose my in-game currency or purchases during the server transfer?

Generally, your in-game currency, items, and purchases should transfer seamlessly to the new server. However, some server-specific currencies or marketplaces may not carry over. Consult the game’s documentation or seek clarification from the support team.

Can I transfer my character to a server in a different region?

In most cases, you can only transfer your character to servers within the same region or language group. Cross-region transfers are usually not supported to maintain fair gameplay and latency.

How long does the server transfer process typically take?

The duration of the server transfer process can vary based on factors like server load, character data size, and network conditions. It can range from a few minutes to several hours. Kuro Games may provide estimated transfer times during the process.

Will my guild or alliance membership transfer automatically?

The transfer of guild or alliance memberships may or may not happen automatically, depending on the game’s policies. You may need to reapply or rejoin your respective group on the new server.

Can I change my character’s name during the server transfer?

If your desired character name is already taken on the destination server, you’ll likely need to choose a different name or add a unique identifier to avoid conflicts.

Will my progress in ongoing events or quests be affected?

Ongoing events, quests, or time-sensitive activities may be reset or lost during the server transfer process. It’s recommended to complete or pause any critical activities before initiating the transfer.

Can I transfer characters between different game modes or versions?

Typically, server transfers are only possible within the same game mode or version. Transfers between different game modes (e.g., PvP and PvE) or versions (e.g., regular and expansion) may not be supported.

Is there a fee associated with server transfers?

Some games may charge a fee for server transfers, while others offer it as a free service. Check Wuthering Waves’ official policies or contact customer support for specific details.

What should I do if I encounter issues during or after the server transfer?

If you face any problems, discrepancies, or data loss during or after the server transfer process, promptly contact Kuro Games’ customer support team for assistance. They can help investigate and resolve the issue.

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