Where to Find All of the Cubes in Wuthering Waves?


Where to Find All of the Cubes in Wuthering Waves?

Where to Find All of the Cubes in Wuthering Waves? In the captivating world of Wuthering Waves, an action-packed role-playing game developed and published by Kuro Games, players embark on an epic adventure filled with challenges and rewards.

Among the most sought-after treasures in this vast realm are the mysterious and elusive Cubes. These enigmatic objects hold immense power and significance, making their acquisition a coveted goal for adventurers seeking to unravel the secrets of Wuthering Waves.

The Significance of Cubes in Wuthering Waves

Cubes in Wuthering Waves are not mere collectibles; they serve as catalysts for unlocking new realms, acquiring powerful abilities, and uncovering the game’s deepest mysteries. Each Cube represents a gateway to a different dimension, offering players a chance to explore uncharted territories and face formidable foes.

Possessing a Cube not only grants access to new areas but also bestows unique powers upon the bearer. These abilities range from enhanced combat skills to the mastery of elemental forces, ensuring that every Cube holds the potential to transform the course of a player’s journey.

Furthermore, the Cubes are intrinsically linked to the overarching narrative of Wuthering Waves. As players progress through the game, they uncover clues and unravel the enigmatic lore surrounding these ancient artifacts, shedding light on the rich history and hidden secrets of this captivating world.

The Hunt for the Cubes

With the allure of power and knowledge, the quest for the Cubes becomes an all-consuming pursuit for adventurers in Wuthering Waves. However, their locations are shrouded in mystery, and players must embark on a challenging journey to uncover their whereabouts.

The Realm of Fire: The Scorching Cube

Navigating the Molten Caverns

Deep within the fiery depths of the Molten Caverns, an ancient relic known as the Scorching Cube awaits those brave enough to face the scorching temperatures and treacherous lava flows.

This treacherous realm is guarded by fearsome fire-dwelling creatures, testing the mettle of even the most seasoned adventurers.

Solving the Riddles of the Flaming Sentinels

To reach the Scorching Cube, players must navigate through a series of intricate puzzles and challenges posed by the Flaming Sentinels, enigmatic guardians that have watched over this realm for eons. These puzzles require a keen eye for detail, quick reflexes, and a deep understanding of the elemental forces at play.

The Final Challenge: Defeating the Magma Lord

After successfully navigating the treacherous caverns and solving the riddles of the Flaming Sentinels, a monumental challenge awaits: the Magma Lord.

This colossal, molten entity is the ultimate guardian of the Scorching Cube, and defeating it requires a strategic combination of combat prowess, elemental mastery, and unwavering determination.

The Realm of Water: The Aquatic Cube

Exploring the Depths of the Sunken City

Beneath the crashing waves of the vast ocean lies the Sunken City, a once-thriving metropolis now submerged and home to the elusive Aquatic Cube. This underwater realm is a mesmerizing labyrinth of coral gardens, ancient ruins, and treacherous currents that challenge even the most skilled swimmers.

Unveiling the Secrets of the Mer-Folk

To navigate the Sunken City and uncover the Aquatic Cube, players must forge alliances with the enigmatic Mer-Folk, a race of aquatic beings who guard the secrets of the deep.

These enigmatic creatures possess invaluable knowledge of the underwater realm, and earning their trust is essential for uncovering the Cube’s location.

The Ultimate Test: Taming the Leviathan

As players delve deeper into the Sunken City, they will encounter the Leviathan, a colossal sea monster of legendary proportions.

Taming this behemoth is the ultimate test of strength, agility, and mastery over the water’s power, and only those who conquer this challenge will be deemed worthy of possessing the Aquatic Cube.

The Realm of Air: The Windborne Cube

Ascending to the Cloudborne Peaks

High above the clouds, nestled among the majestic Cloudborne Peaks, lies the elusive Windborne Cube. This realm is a breathtaking expanse of floating islands, treacherous air currents, and dizzying heights that challenge even the most seasoned adventurers.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Sky Wardens

To navigate the treacherous Cloudborne Peaks and locate the Windborne Cube, players must seek the guidance of the Sky Wardens, a reclusive order of aerial guardians.

These enigmatic beings possess ancient knowledge of the winds and air currents, and unlocking their secrets is the key to traversing the perilous skies.

The Final Ordeal: Conquering the Tempest Lord

At the heart of the Cloudborne Peaks resides the Tempest Lord, a formidable entity that commands the very winds themselves.

Defeating this powerful adversary is the ultimate test of aerial mastery, requiring players to harness the power of the winds, employ strategic maneuvering, and demonstrate unwavering resolve.

The Realm of Earth: The Geomic Cube

Delving into the Labyrinthine Caverns

Buried deep beneath the surface of Wuthering Waves lies a vast network of Labyrinthine Caverns, a complex subterranean realm where the elusive Geomic Cube awaits.

This cavernous expanse is a maze of twisting tunnels, treacherous pitfalls, and ancient traps designed to confound and challenge even the most seasoned explorers.

Unveiling the Secrets of the Earth Guardians

To navigate the Labyrinthine Caverns and uncover the Geomic Cube, players must seek the guidance of the Earth Guardians, ancient beings deeply attuned to the forces of the earth and the secrets it holds. These enigmatic entities possess invaluable knowledge of the caverns’ intricate layout and the challenges that lie within.

The Ultimate Showdown: Vanquishing the Terramancer

At the heart of the Labyrinthine Caverns, a formidable adversary awaits: the Terramancer, a powerful entity that wields the very essence of the earth itself.

Vanquishing this colossal foe is the ultimate test of strength, resilience, and mastery over the earth’s power, and only those who emerge victorious will be deemed worthy of claiming the Geomic Cube.

The Convergence: Unlocking the Final Mystery

The Gathering of the Cubes

Once all four Cubes – the Scorching Cube, the Aquatic Cube, the Windborne Cube, and the Geomic Cube – have been acquired, a momentous event is set in motion. The Cubes must be brought together at a sacred convergence point, where their combined power will unlock a gateway to a realm beyond imagination.

The Realm of Quintessence

Beyond the gateway lies the Realm of Quintessence, a plane of existence where the very fabric of reality is laid bare.

This realm is a nexus of cosmic energy, where the boundaries between the elemental realms dissolve, and a higher understanding of the universe’s workings can be attained.

The Final Revelation

Within the Realm of Quintessence, players will encounter the ultimate challenge – a test of their mastery over the four elemental realms and their understanding of the cosmic balance.

Only those who prove themselves worthy will be granted access to the final revelation, a profound truth that unravels the mysteries of Wuthering Waves and the true nature of the Cubes themselves.


The quest for the Cubes in Wuthering Waves is an epic journey that tests the limits of adventurers’ courage, skill, and determination.

From navigating treacherous realms and solving intricate puzzles to forging alliances with enigmatic beings and defeating formidable foes, the pursuit of these artifacts is a testament to the game’s rich lore and captivating storytelling.


How many Cubes are there in Wuthering Waves?

There are four main Cubes in Wuthering Waves, each representing one of the elemental realms: the Scorching Cube (Fire), the Aquatic Cube (Water), the Windborne Cube (Air), and the Geomic Cube (Earth).

Do I need to find all the Cubes to complete the game?

Yes, finding and acquiring all four Cubes is essential to unlocking the ultimate challenge and reaching the game’s final revelation. The Cubes are intrinsically linked to the overarching narrative and are required to progress through the game’s endgame content.

Is there a specific order in which I should acquire the Cubes?

While there is no mandatory order for obtaining the Cubes, many players recommend starting with the Scorching Cube in the Realm of Fire, as it serves as a good introduction to the challenges and mechanics involved in Cube hunting.

Are the Cube locations fixed, or do they change with each playthrough?

The locations of the Cubes are fixed within Wuthering Waves, ensuring a consistent experience for all players. However, the challenges and puzzles associated with obtaining them may vary slightly to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Can I acquire the Cubes solo, or do I need to form a party?

While it is possible to attempt to acquire the Cubes solo, the challenges involved are significantly more demanding. It is highly recommended to form a well-balanced party with complementary abilities to increase your chances of success.

What kind of rewards or benefits do I get for obtaining the Cubes?

Apart from unlocking new areas and progressing the story, each Cube bestows unique abilities and powers upon the bearer. These abilities range from enhanced combat skills to elemental mastery, providing a significant advantage in overcoming challenges and defeating formidable foes.

Are there any special requirements or prerequisites for accessing the Cubes’ realms?

Yes, each elemental realm has specific prerequisites that players must meet before gaining access. These may include completing certain quests, acquiring special items or equipment, or mastering specific skills or abilities.

How difficult is it to defeat the guardians or bosses protecting the Cubes?

The guardians and bosses protecting the Cubes are among the most formidable challenges in Wuthering Waves. These encounters require strategic planning, mastery of combat mechanics, and a deep understanding of the elemental forces at play. They are not to be underestimated and will test even the most skilled players.

Can I revisit the Cubes’ realms after acquiring them?

Yes, players can revisit the elemental realms even after obtaining the corresponding Cubes. These areas often contain additional challenges, secrets, and rewards to encourage exploration and replayability.

What happens if I lose or misplace a Cube?

In the unlikely event of losing or misplacing a Cube, players can seek assistance from the game’s support team or consult online guides to recover or obtain a replacement. However, it is advisable to exercise caution and safeguard the Cubes as they are crucial to progressing through the game’s endgame content.

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