Where is The Final Shape raid in Destiny 2?


Where is The Final Shape raid in Destiny 2?

Where is The Final Shape raid in Destiny 2? Destiny 2, the ever-evolving shared-world shooter from Bungie, has captivated millions of players with its rich lore, thrilling gameplay, and epic challenges. Among these challenges, the raids stand out as the pinnacle of cooperative experiences, testing the skill, teamwork, and perseverance of even the most seasoned Guardians.

As the game approaches its climactic conclusion with The Final Shape expansion, anticipation for the accompanying raid has reached fever pitch. Where is this elusive endgame activity set, and what challenges await those brave enough to confront it? Join us as we delve into the mysteries surrounding The Final Shape raid and speculate on what Bungie has in store for us.

The Significance of Raids in Destiny 2

Raids have been a cornerstone of the Destiny experience since the franchise’s inception. These incredibly demanding six-player activities require precise coordination, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics. They are not mere challenges; they are epic adventures that test the mettle of even the most skilled Guardians.

Throughout Destiny’s history, raids have taken players on unforgettable journeys across the cosmos, from the depths of the Vault of Glass on Venus to the harrowing depths of the Last Wish on the Dreaming City. Each raid presents its own unique set of puzzles, encounters, and boss battles, making every experience a fresh and exhilarating endeavor.

The Final Shape: The Culmination of a Saga

The Final Shape is more than just another expansion; it represents the climactic conclusion to the Light and Darkness saga that has been unfolding since Destiny’s inception. As the name implies, this expansion promises to shape the destiny of the Guardians and the entire universe as we know it.

With such monumental stakes at play, it is only fitting that the accompanying raid should be the most ambitious and challenging yet. Bungie has a reputation for saving the best for last, and The Final Shape raid is expected to push Guardians to their absolute limits.

Theories and Speculation: Where Could The Final Shape Raid Take Place?

The location of The Final Shape raid remains shrouded in mystery, fueling endless speculation among the Destiny community. However, a few tantalizing clues and theories have emerged:

  • The Pyramids’ Homeworld
    One prevailing theory suggests that the raid could take place on the homeworld of the mysterious Pyramids, also known as the Black Fleet. These ominous ships have loomed over the Destiny universe for years, representing the enigmatic Darkness that threatens to consume all Light.

Venturing into the heart of the Pyramids’ domain would be a bold and fitting conclusion to the saga, forcing Guardians to confront the Darkness on its own turf. Imagine the awe-inspiring and foreboding environments that could await within, filled with secrets and challenges beyond our wildest imaginations.

  • The Upended
    Another theory posits that the raid could unfold within the realm of the Upended, a mysterious and anomalous location introduced in the Lightfall expansion. This realm seems to defy the laws of physics, with various objects and structures suspended in mid-air or seemingly defying gravity.

Exploring the Upended would present Guardians with a unique and mind-bending challenge, as they navigate environments that could quite literally turn their world upside down. The potential for innovative encounter design and gravity-defying mechanics is truly tantalizing.

  • The Black Garden Revisited
    While revisiting old locations may seem anticlimactic, the Black Garden holds a special significance in the Destiny lore. This ethereal realm, first introduced in the original Destiny, is believed to be the birthplace of the Traveler and the source of the Light.

A return to the Black Garden, perhaps in a twisted or corrupted state, could be a poetic and symbolic setting for the final confrontation with the Darkness. Guardians may be forced to confront the very origins of their power and defend the essence of the Light itself.

  • The Haunted Depths of the Leviathan
    The Leviathan, a colossal ship belonging to the Cabal Emperor Calus, has been a recurring location throughout Destiny 2’s expansions. While much of the ship has been explored, there are likely vast, uncharted depths that remain unexplored.

A raid set within the haunted, labyrinthine corridors of the Leviathan’s underbelly could be a fitting sendoff for this iconic location. Guardians may have to navigate treacherous environments, confront long-forgotten horrors, and unravel the final secrets of the enigmatic Calus.

  • The Unveiling of a New Realm
    Of course, Bungie may have a completely unexpected and unprecedented location in store for us. The developer has proven time and again its ability to surprise and delight the Destiny community with fresh and innovative environments.

Perhaps The Final Shape raid will take us to a realm beyond our wildest imaginations, a place where the boundaries between Light and Darkness blur, and the very fabric of reality is challenged. Such a setting would be a bold and fitting way to conclude the epic saga that has captivated Guardians for nearly a decade.

Potential Encounters and Challenges

Regardless of the location, The Final Shape raid is sure to present Guardians with a gauntlet of formidable encounters and challenges. Based on Bungie’s track record and the high stakes of this expansion, we can expect the following:

Expect mechanics that push teamwork and coordination to the limit, requiring precise execution and split-second decision-making. These boss battles may also shed light on the lore and motivations of these ancient adversaries, providing satisfying narrative payoffs for longtime fans.

  • Mind-Bending Puzzles
    Raids in Destiny are renowned for their ingenious and intricate puzzles, often requiring Guardians to think outside the box and collaborate in unique ways. The Final Shape raid is sure to continue this tradition, presenting players with brain-teasers that challenge their problem-solving skills and force them to approach familiar mechanics from entirely new perspectives.

These puzzles may delve deeper into the metaphysical aspects of the Destiny universe, exploring concepts like the nature of reality, the principles of Light and Darkness, or the secrets of the Traveler and the Pyramids. Solving them could unlock powerful rewards or reveal pivotal narrative revelations.

  • Unconventional Mechanics
    One of the hallmarks of Destiny raids is their ability to introduce unconventional mechanics that test Guardians’ adaptability and ingenuity. The Final Shape raid may take this concept to new heights, incorporating mechanics that challenge our fundamental understanding of the game’s physics or rules.

Imagine encounters that manipulate gravity, distort time and space, or even alter the fundamental abilities of Guardians themselves. These unconventional mechanics could force players to rethink their strategies and approach encounters in entirely new ways, creating a truly unique and memorable experience.

  • Endurance and Attrition
    As the culmination of the Light and Darkness saga, The Final Shape raid is likely to be a grueling test of endurance and attrition. Bungie may design encounters that push Guardians to the brink, requiring them to maintain focus and teamwork over extended periods of intense combat and problem-solving.

Expect limited resources, punishing mechanics, and relentless waves of enemies that test the resilience and determination of even the most seasoned raiders. Success may hinge on the ability to maintain composure under immense pressure and adapt strategies on the fly.

  • Narrative and Lore Payoffs
    While the challenges and encounters of The Final Shape raid will undoubtedly be formidable, they will likely serve as a backdrop for significant narrative and lore revelations. Bungie has a knack for weaving compelling storytelling into their raids, and this final chapter is sure to be no exception.

As Guardians progress through the raid, they may uncover secrets about the origins of the Traveler, the true nature of the Darkness, or even the fate of beloved characters and factions. These narrative payoffs could provide closure and context for the events that have unfolded throughout the Destiny saga, offering a satisfying conclusion for those who have invested countless hours into the game’s rich lore.

Preparing for The Final Shape Raid (continued)

  • Assembling the Perfect Fireteam
    Success in The Final Shape raid will hinge on assembling a capable and cohesive fireteam. Guardians should carefully consider the roles and responsibilities required for each encounter and ensure that their team has the necessary combination of classes, subclasses, and loadouts to tackle any challenge.

Effective communication, trust, and a willingness to adapt strategies on the fly will be essential. Veteran raiders may want to consider forming dedicated teams with players they have experience raiding with, as the challenges of The Final Shape will demand a level of synergy that can only be achieved through countless hours of teamwork and coordination.

  • Mastering Loadouts and Builds
    With the stakes as high as they are, Guardians will need to optimize their loadouts and builds to maximize their effectiveness in the raid. This may involve grinding for specific weapons, armor pieces, and mods that synergize well with the team’s strategies and playstyles.

Expect to see a resurgence of tried-and-true raid loadouts, such as well-rounded primary weapons, high-damage special weapons for boss battles, and utility-focused heavy weapons like swords or grenade launchers. However, Bungie may also shake things up by introducing new mechanics or enemy types that necessitate unconventional loadout choices.

  • Studying Strategies and Guides
    While the thrill of discovery is a core part of the raid experience, many Guardians will undoubtedly seek out strategies and guides to help them navigate the challenges of The Final Shape. As the raid unfolds, dedicated communities and content creators will race to uncover and disseminate the most effective tactics for each encounter.

Studying these strategies and guides can provide a significant advantage, allowing Guardians to approach encounters with a solid understanding of mechanics, callouts, and optimal positioning. However, it is important to remember that adaptability and on-the-fly decision-making will still be crucial, as no guide can account for every variable or unexpected scenario.

Guardians should practice their movement skills, such as platforming, jumping puzzles, and precise navigation, as well as their ability to execute complex mechanics under pressure. This may involve spending time in the game’s various training areas or setting up custom practice sessions with fireteams to refine their skills.

  • Mental Preparation and Perseverance
    Ultimately, conquering The Final Shape raid will require more than just technical skill and preparation – it will demand mental fortitude and unwavering perseverance. Guardians should mentally brace themselves for the grueling challenges and potential setbacks that await, as even the most well-prepared teams may find themselves struggling against the raid’s most formidable obstacles.

Maintaining composure in the face of frustration, learning from failures, and fostering a positive team dynamic will be essential. Those who embrace the spirit of camaraderie and perseverance will be best equipped to weather the storm and emerge victorious in this ultimate test of skill and determination.

The Rewards and Glory of Conquering The Final Shape

For those who successfully conquer The Final Shape raid, the rewards and glory will be immense. Beyond the expected loot and gear drops, completing this pinnacle activity may grant Guardians access to exclusive rewards, titles, and triumph seals that will forever mark their achievement.

More importantly, however, the true reward lies in the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that comes with overcoming one of the greatest challenges in Destiny history. The Final Shape raid will undoubtedly cement itself as a defining moment in the Destiny saga, and those who emerge victorious will forever be remembered as the Guardians who stood tall in the face of the ultimate darkness.


As Destiny 2 approaches its climactic conclusion with The Final Shape expansion, the anticipation for the accompanying raid has reached fever pitch. While the location and challenges of this endgame activity remain shrouded in mystery, one thing is certain: Bungie has something truly special in store for the Destiny community.

Whether it takes place on the Pyramids’ homeworld, the haunted depths of the Leviathan, or an entirely new realm beyond our wildest imaginations, The Final Shape raid promises to be the ultimate test of skill, teamwork, and perseverance. It will push Guardians to their absolute limits, demanding precision, adaptability, and an unwavering spirit in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Yet, for those who emerge victorious, the rewards will be more than just loot and gear – they will have etched their names in the annals of Destiny history, forever remembered as the heroes who stood tall in the face of the ultimate darkness and shaped the destiny of the entire universe.

So, Guardians, prepare yourselves. Study the strategies, master the mechanics, and assemble your fireteams. The Final Shape raid awaits, and only the bravest and most resilient among you will have the honor of confronting it head-on. The fate of the Light, and the destiny of us all, rests in your capable hands.


When will The Final Shape raid be released?

The Final Shape raid is expected to launch alongside the expansion of the same name, which is scheduled to be the final major content release for Destiny 2. However, Bungie has not yet announced an official release date for The Final Shape expansion or its accompanying raid.

How many players are required for The Final Shape raid?

Like all previous raids in Destiny 2, The Final Shape raid will most likely be a six-player cooperative activity, requiring a full fireteam of six Guardians to complete.

What is the recommended Power Level for The Final Shape raid?

While Bungie has not revealed the recommended Power Level for The Final Shape raid, it is safe to assume that it will be higher than any previous raid. Players should expect to grind and level up their characters to meet the recommended Power Level, which could be in the range of 1600-1700 or higher.

Will The Final Shape raid have multiple difficulties?

Most Destiny 2 raids have featured multiple difficulty levels, with the hardest being the “Contest Mode” or “Day One Raid” version. It is highly likely that The Final Shape raid will follow a similar structure, offering a more challenging “Contest Mode” for the world’s first raid completions.

What kind of rewards can players expect from The Final Shape raid?

In addition to powerful weapons and armor, The Final Shape raid will likely offer exclusive rewards for completing specific challenges or triumphs. These could include unique emblems, shaders, sparrows, ships, or even a coveted raid title or seal to showcase the player’s accomplishment.

Will The Final Shape raid be accessible to solo players?

No, raids in Destiny 2 are exclusively designed for cooperative play and cannot be completed solo. Players will need to form a full fireteam of six Guardians to even attempt The Final Shape raid.

How long do raids typically take to complete?

The time required to complete a Destiny 2 raid can vary greatly depending on the skill and experience of the fireteam, as well as the difficulty level. While some teams may complete a raid in a few hours, others may spend weeks or even months learning and perfecting the encounters. The Final Shape raid is expected to be an exceptionally challenging and time-consuming endeavor.

Will The Final Shape raid have any connection to previous raids or locations?

While the specifics are still unknown, it is possible that The Final Shape raid could revisit or incorporate elements from previous Destiny raids or locations, as Bungie often likes to pay homage to the game’s rich history and lore.

What classes or subclasses are recommended for The Final Shape raid?

Until the raid’s mechanics and encounters are revealed, it is difficult to recommend specific classes or subclasses. However, having a balanced team with a variety of abilities and roles is typically recommended for tackling the diverse challenges found in Destiny 2 raids.

Will guides or walkthroughs be available for The Final Shape raid?

While Bungie discourages the use of guides or walkthroughs for the initial “Contest Mode” or “Day One Raid” attempts, various community resources and content creators will undoubtedly produce detailed guides and strategies for The Final Shape raid once it has been thoroughly explored and conquered by the player base.

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