How to Make a Clone of Steven in Multiversus?


How to Make a Clone of Steven in Multiversus?

How to Make a Clone of Steven in Multiversus? In the ever-expanding world of Multiversus, players have the opportunity to engage with a diverse roster of characters from various beloved franchises. Among these iconic characters is Steven Universe, the lovable and powerful protagonist from the acclaimed animated series of the same name.

One of the unique abilities possessed by Steven in the game is the capacity to create clones of himself, adding an exciting layer of strategy and unpredictability to his playstyle. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of mastering Steven’s clone-creating abilities, equipping you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to outmaneuver your opponents and emerge victorious on the battlefield.

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Understanding Steven’s Clone Mechanic in Multiversus

Before we dive into the specifics of creating clones, it’s essential to grasp the fundamental mechanics behind this ability. Steven’s clone-creating prowess stems from his signature move, “Summon Projectile,” which enables him to generate a clone that mimics his actions. This clone serves as a decoy, confusing opponents and creating opportunities for strategic plays.

When executing the “Summon Projectile” move, Steven will summon a clone that appears identical to him, complete with the same hitbox and characteristics. This clone will mirror Steven’s movements and actions, making it challenging for opponents to discern the real Steven from the clone. However, it’s crucial to note that the clone has a limited lifespan and will disappear after a certain duration or upon taking a certain amount of damage.

Mastering the Timing

Timing is of utmost importance when utilizing Steven’s clone-creating abilities. Summoning a clone at the right moment can turn the tide of a battle or create openings for devastating combos. Here are some key considerations regarding timing:

Offensive Opportunities

  • Summon a clone during high-pressure situations, such as when an opponent is recovering or when they are vulnerable after an attack.
  • Use the clone as a distraction, forcing your opponent to divide their attention and potentially creating openings for follow-up attacks.

Defensive Maneuvers

  • Summon a clone when you anticipate an incoming attack, deceiving your opponent and potentially causing them to waste resources or expose themselves.
  • Create a clone when attempting to escape or reposition, confusing your opponent and buying yourself precious time.

Mind Games

  • Utilize the unpredictability of clones to keep your opponents guessing, summoning clones at unexpected moments to disrupt their strategies.
  • Alternate between attacking with the real Steven and the clone, making it harder for opponents to anticipate your next move.

Positioning and Movement in Multiversus

Effective positioning and movement are key to maximizing the impact of Steven’s clones. By strategically positioning your clones and coordinating their movements with your own, you can create intricate setups and confuse your opponents. Here are some tips for optimal positioning and movement:

Flanking Maneuvers

  • Position your clone on one side of the stage while you approach from the opposite direction, forcing your opponent to divide their attention and potentially creating openings for attacks.
  • Use clones to set up crossfire situations, trapping opponents between you and your clone’s attacks.

Zoning and Area Control

  • Utilize clones to control specific areas of the stage, making it harder for opponents to navigate or approach safely.
  • Position clones near environmental hazards or ledges, creating potential opportunities for ring-outs or knockbacks.

Evasive Tactics

  • Coordinate the movements of your clone with your own, creating unpredictable patterns that make it difficult for opponents to track or anticipate your next move.
  • Use clones as decoys, drawing attention away from your actual position and allowing you to reposition or launch surprise attacks.

Combo Potential and Synergy in Multiversus

Steven’s clones open up a world of possibilities when it comes to executing devastating combos and capitalizing on synergies with his other abilities.

By combining clone-creating techniques with his arsenal of attacks and special moves, you can unleash a barrage of offense that leaves your opponents reeling. Here are some strategies to consider:

Clone-Assisted Combos

  • Initiate a combo with the real Steven, then seamlessly transition to attacking with the clone, extending the combo duration and increasing damage output.
  • Use the clone as a setup tool, forcing opponents into unfavorable positions or trapping them for follow-up attacks by the real Steven.

Special Move Synergies

  • Coordinate the use of Steven’s special moves, such as his shield or bubble, with the actions of your clone, creating intricate setups and combos.
  • Utilize the clone as a distraction while setting up powerful special move attacks from unexpected angles.

Environmental Interactions

  • Leverage environmental hazards and stage elements in conjunction with your clones, creating complex traps or forcing opponents into compromising positions.
  • Use clones to herd opponents towards hazards or ledges, setting up potential ring-outs or knockbacks.

Advanced Techniques and Mindgames in Multiversus

As you progress in your mastery of Steven’s clone-creating abilities, you’ll unlock advanced techniques and mindgames that can elevate your gameplay to new heights.

These strategies require precision, timing, and a deep understanding of your opponents’ tendencies. Here are some advanced techniques to explore:

Clone Feints and Baits

  • Utilize clones as feints, tricking opponents into committing to an attack or defensive action, only to be met with a punishing counterattack.
  • Set up baits with your clones, luring opponents into unfavorable positions or forcing them to waste resources, creating openings for follow-up strikes.

Clone Mixups

  • Rapidly alternate between attacking with the real Steven and the clone, keeping opponents guessing and unable to anticipate your next move.
  • Combine clone mixups with movement techniques, creating unpredictable patterns that overwhelm your opponents.

Psychological Warfare

  • Leverage the psychological impact of clones, instilling doubt and confusion in your opponents’ minds, causing them to second-guess their decisions.
  • Utilize clones to create a sense of constant pressure, forcing opponents to remain on the defensive and limiting their offensive opportunities.

Countering Enemy Strategies in Multiversus

While Steven’s clones offer a formidable offensive and defensive tool, it’s essential to be prepared for opponents who have developed strategies to counter your clone-based tactics. Here are some tips for countering enemy strategies and adapting your playstyle:

Clone Tracking and Identification

  • Be aware of opponents who have developed techniques for identifying the real Steven from the clone, such as observing attack patterns or visual cues.
  • Adjust your clone usage accordingly, incorporating unpredictable movements and attacks to throw off their tracking abilities.

Anti-Clone Abilities and Moves

  • Study the abilities and moves of other characters that can potentially counter or dispel your clones, such as area-of-effect attacks or dispel abilities.
  • Develop strategies to mitigate the impact of these anti-clone measures, such as repositioning, baiting, or using clones as sacrificial decoys.

Adaptability and Playstyle Adjustments

  • Be prepared to adjust your playstyle on the fly, incorporating alternative strategies or character choices when facing opponents who have effectively neutralized your clone-based tactics.
  • Analyze your opponents’ counter-strategies and identify weaknesses or opportunities to exploit, adapting your approach accordingly.

Matchup Analysis and Character Synergies in Multiversus

While Steven’s clone-creating abilities are potent against a wide range of opponents, certain character matchups and team compositions may present unique challenges or opportunities.

Understanding these dynamics can help you tailor your strategies and maximize the effectiveness of your clone-based tactics. Here are some considerations regarding matchups and character synergies:

Favorable Matchups

  • Identify characters or playstyles that struggle against the unpredictability and pressure created by Steven’s clones.
  • Capitalize on these favorable matchups by developing specialized strategies that exploit your opponents’ weaknesses and accentuate the strengths of your clone-based tactics.

Challenging Matchups

  • Recognize characters or team compositions that possess tools or abilities that can effectively counter or neutralize your clones.
  • Develop countermeasures and alternative strategies for these challenging matchups, focusing on mitigating the impact of your opponents’ strengths while exploiting any weaknesses they may have.

Character Synergies

  • Explore potential synergies between Steven’s clone-creating abilities and the kits of other characters in your team composition.
  • Coordinate strategies with your teammates, leveraging the strengths of both your clones and their unique abilities to create devastating combos and setups.

Training and Practice Regimen in Multiversus

Mastering Steven’s clone-creating abilities requires dedication, practice, and a structured training regimen. By consistently honing your skills and refining your strategies, you’ll unlock the full potential of this powerful mechanic. Here are some tips to help you develop a comprehensive training routine:

Fundamental Drills

  • Practice summoning clones in a controlled environment, focusing on timing, positioning, and movement coordination.
  • Incorporate drills that challenge your ability to track and identify the real Steven versus the clone, improving your awareness and decision-making skills.

Combo and Setup Practice

  • Dedicate training sessions to mastering clone-assisted combos and special move synergies, drilling specific sequences and setups until they become muscle memory.
  • Experiment with different clone placements, angles, and timings to discover new and innovative combo routes or trap setups.

Matchup-Specific Training

  • Analyze specific matchups, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents’ characters and playstyles.
  • Develop targeted training routines tailored to these matchups, practicing counter-strategies and exploiting weaknesses with your clone-based tactics.

Recorded Analysis

  • Record your matches and training sessions, allowing you to review your gameplay and identify areas for improvement.
  • Study your clone usage, positioning, timing, and decision-making, making note of missed opportunities or suboptimal plays.

Sparring Sessions

  • Seek out experienced training partners or join online communities dedicated to Multiversus for sparring sessions.
  • Engage in controlled matches focused on specific aspects of clone usage, receiving feedback and adjusting your strategies based on your training partners’ insights.

Tournament Observation

  • Watch professional Multiversus tournaments and high-level gameplay, paying close attention to how top players utilize Steven’s clone-creating abilities.
  • Analyze their decision-making, positioning, and synergies with other characters, drawing inspiration and incorporating effective techniques into your own gameplay.

Community Engagement and Knowledge Sharing in Multiversus

The Multiversus community is a valuable resource for players seeking to improve their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest strategies and meta developments.

By actively engaging with this vibrant community, you’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and insights that can elevate your mastery of Steven’s clone-creating abilities. Here are some ways to get involved:

Online Forums and Discussion Boards

  • Participate in online forums and discussion boards dedicated to Multiversus, sharing your experiences, asking questions, and engaging in constructive discourse with fellow players.
  • Stay informed about updates, patch notes, and meta shifts that may impact your clone-based strategies.

Social Media Communities

  • Join social media groups and channels focused on Multiversus, where players share tips, tricks, and insights related to various characters and mechanics, including Steven’s clones.
  • Connect with like-minded players, form practice groups, and participate in community-driven events or tournaments.

Content Creation and Sharing

  • Consider creating and sharing your own Multiversus content, such as gameplay videos, strategy guides, or educational resources focused on mastering Steven’s clone mechanics.
  • Engage with content creators in the community, providing feedback, asking questions, and contributing to the collective knowledge base.

Local Tournament Scenes

  • Seek out local Multiversus tournaments or gaming events, where you can connect with players in your area and gain valuable competitive experience.
  • Participate in tournaments featuring Steven or clone-based strategies, learning from your opponents and adapting your playstyle accordingly.

Mentorship and Coaching

  • Consider seeking out experienced Multiversus players or coaches who specialize in Steven’s clone mechanics, offering personalized guidance and feedback.
  • Alternatively, share your own knowledge and expertise by mentoring aspiring players, fostering a collaborative and supportive community.


Mastering Steven’s clone-creating abilities in Multiversus is a journey that combines strategic thinking, precise execution, and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics. By following the principles outlined in this comprehensive guide, you’ll unlock the full potential of this powerful mechanic, outmaneuvering your opponents and securing victory on the battlefield.

Remember, becoming a master of Steven’s clones requires dedication, practice, and a willingness to adapt and learn from your experiences. Embrace the challenges, analyze your gameplay, and continuously refine your strategies. Engage with the vibrant Multiversus community, share your knowledge, and learn from others who share your passion for the game.

With perseverance and a commitment to improvement, you’ll soon find yourself wielding Steven’s clone-creating abilities with unparalleled skill and unpredictability, leaving your opponents in awe and securing your place among the elite ranks of Multiversus players.


How do I summon a clone as Steven in Multiversus?

To summon a clone as Steven, you need to use his “Summon Projectile” move. This move can be executed by pressing the designated button or key for this ability, which will vary depending on your platform and control settings.

How long do Steven’s clones last?

Steven’s clones have a limited lifespan and will disappear after a certain duration or upon taking a certain amount of damage. The exact duration and health of the clones may vary based on Steven’s level, upgrades, or specific game modes.

Can I control Steven’s clones directly?

No, you cannot directly control Steven’s clones. The clones will automatically mimic Steven’s movements and actions, but you do not have individual control over them.

Do Steven’s clones deal damage to opponents?

Yes, Steven’s clones can deal damage to opponents just like the real Steven. However, the damage output may be slightly reduced or have different properties compared to Steven’s direct attacks.

Can Steven’s clones be targeted by opponents?

Yes, opponents can target and attack Steven’s clones just as they would target the real Steven. Clones have the same hitbox and characteristics as Steven, making them indistinguishable from the real character in terms of targeting and damage reception.

How can I tell the difference between the real Steven and his clones?

It can be challenging to distinguish the real Steven from his clones, as they appear identical. However, experienced players may be able to identify subtle differences in movement patterns, attack timings, or positioning to determine which character is the real Steven.

Can Steven summon multiple clones at once?

No, Steven can only have one active clone at a time. If he summons a new clone while an existing one is still active, the previous clone will disappear.

Do Steven’s clones benefit from his upgrades or perks?

In most cases, yes. Steven’s clones will typically inherit the same upgrades, perks, or stat boosts that the real Steven has, allowing them to deal increased damage, have higher durability, or gain additional effects based on Steven’s loadout.

Are there any characters or abilities that counter Steven’s clones?

Yes, certain characters or abilities can potentially counter or dispel Steven’s clones more effectively. For example, area-of-effect attacks or dispel abilities may be more effective against clones than single-target attacks.

Can Steven’s clones interact with environmental hazards or stage elements?

Yes, Steven’s clones can interact with environmental hazards and stage elements in the same way as the real Steven. They can be affected by hazards, knocked off ledges, or utilize stage elements for positioning or attacks.

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